This description is intended for use by service providers providing money transfer services (P2P, A2C, C2A) on behalf of the acquiring bank on the Internet via the UPC eCommerce Connect Gateway API.


  1. Transfer from card to card (Card-to-Card) using VPP MT and / or MC MS technologies, or intra-bank transfer (Card-to-Card Local).
  2. Payment from the sender's card in favor of legal entities / individuals. Performed by a separate Funding transaction.
  3. Payment to the recipient's card. Performed in a separate Payment transaction.

Types of transfers

  • Local is a type of transfer from card to card, which is carried out in one transaction within one bank. Intrabank transfer is possible only if the recipient's card and the sender's card belong to the acquiring bank. If the local transfer is impossible or prohibited by the service provider, the transfer type will be defined as Domestic.
  • Domestic - domestic transfer between cards of different banks. Issuing banks are residents of the acquiring bank's country. The transfer is carried out using VPP MT and / or MC MS.
  • Cross-border - international transfer. The issuing bank is not a resident of the country of the acquiring bank. The transfer is carried out using VPP MT and / or MC MS.

The API only supports money transfers within one country. For cross-border issues, coordination with the UPC manager is required

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